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My Grandparents came to Canada from Holland before the first world war.  I am so far removed from my roots, that I don’t speak the language (except for swear words) and my parents are long gone.  So its natural that a lot of the traditons that we enjoyed as kids have followed the way of the Dodo as well.  I was longing for some of the sausage that we enjoyed as youth (Metworst) so I dug up a Dutch store a few miles from our city and made a visit.  While looking around the store, I tripped over boxes of Olliebollen mix and bought some.  These are a deep fried fritter type donut that is typically enjoyed either at Christmas (Dec 5th) or New Years.  They typically have currents or raisins inside and are coated with powdered sugar.  In our house, we also included candied peel and used granulated sugar.  It was not unusual for the three boys to hang very closely around the kitchen, eating these suckers as soon as they were sugared and still very hot.

On the weekend I scooped up some raisins and currents.  Since there was no fishing planned for yesterday, I got up, immediately mixed the batter and let it rise on the back of the stove.  After Tea was finished, I headed out and lit the side burner on the gasser and got some oil heating.  I spent the next hour and a half frying the Olliebollen up in batches of three, draining and sugaring as I went.  

My neighbours (dutchies) came over to see what I was working on. The immediately critiqued my choice of sugar and the timing.  They always had them only at New Years.  I told them this was my family tradition, not theirs!  After taste testing they took a half dozen or so home for later.  The biggest compliment was that they were saving them for tonight.  Their mother went into a seniors home this year as has been bemoaning that she has no cooking facilities to make Olliebollen with, for the first time since coming to Canada. she was coming to visit and I think we will make Oma’s day!  The rest of these little balls of goodness were gone by the time my son in law left here last night.  

I think I have just recreated a family tradition!  vrolijk kerstfeest!



The batter tripled after resting and raising for about an hour.



About 2 minutes into about a 5 minute cook cycle.  Canola is at 350-360f.


The money shot!  Make three, eat one.  Make three, eat one...


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