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New KJ Brand Rotisserie baskets

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3 hours ago, Polar Bear said:


With all the paint flaking off the towers and on to peoples food, I would hope the paint is food safe...

If it wasn't, the known issue and risk would have triggered a product recall 

i’m puzzled why they keep painting these accessories.  I know stainless would add an average of 30% higher costs; it would be worth it not to have to hassle with maintenance issues over time.

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I bought my classic in 2014 and have had no paint peeling anywhere. It has a daisy wheel not a Kontrol Tower but that is irrelevant for the purpose of this discussion. I have a Joetisserie that has not had any peeling either.


There seemed to be a point in time that all of this peeling began and may have been due to either a material change ( I think there was a change from cast iron to cast aluminum?) or a method change. Either way if the manufacturer simply went back to whatever it was that kept the paint on before the change that would solve the issue without the need for stainless,wouldn't it?


I find it hard to believe that there is not a way to make paint stick to these cast aluminum parts in today's world.

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