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Rack of Lamb on the PKGO

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Great video. I love my PKGO grill. I'm definitely getting the hang of temperature management on it. I just got back from a 5 night camping trip with 5 total people. It performed flawlessly. Will have to get a rack of lamb next time me and Mrs skreef go camping. 


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Aldi  and Lidl have rack of lamb featured regularly. I saw JS’s video, and I had one from  Lidl in the fridge. So I riffed on his PK cook, only it was on a $19.99 kettle grill from Lidl. Kingsford briquettes.

I trimmed the fat and silver skin a little closer.


Tossed and turned over hot coals, then indirect to 135.





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This works well on either charcoal or propane.

Traditionally, exposed bone ends are foil wrapped to keep them from charring, crumbling and looking ratty.  Not necessary as long as you don't expose the bones to too much direct heat.   i.e keep meat over the fire and bones in the cooler indirect zone as shown in the photos above.

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I did this at home with kamados and did a reverse sear but I did the same two rubs and olive oil and gave it about 20 hours in a vac sealed bag. 225 inidirect for a little more than an hour and then sear to sight. What a nice day. 




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