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Brisket Leftovers


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Happy New Year everyone!


My first outdoors cook of the year as my day off has finally managed to be bright and dry - and brisket has just gone onto a 25% off promotion at work!


London's in lockdown so even though I grabbed the smallest brisket in the delivery, I'm still going to have a *lot* of leftovers as there's just the two of us.  As you can imagine, I'm looking for inspiration as to what I can do with those leftovers beyond the ubiquitous sandwiches and chili...

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I had the same problem last week.

I made a Vietnamese Pho that I've made often and put the brisket in it along with the shaved beef.


I use a variation I've developed of this recipe: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/quick-beef-pho-7112948


I find simmering it longer, 2-4 hours depending on how much time I have brings out the flavours even more.

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I have several favorite ways to use left over brisket. 


1. slivered brisket mixed with tomatoes and green onions and diced potatoes in scrambled eggs for breakfast.

2.Grilled Cheese  sandwich with a filling of slivered brisket and some good BBQ sauce

3. Brisket with a hearty red sauce over any kind of pasta.

4.Brisket street tacos with guac, cilantro, pico, and some Serrano chilies

5. Brisket sandwich on fresh baked sour dough. 

6. Slivered brisket added to Cowboy pinto beans with a variety of chillies. 

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Thanks for all the great suggestions.  I'm not going to stop cooking a brisket joint just because we're in lockdown, so having a variety of ways for us to enjoy it afterwards is really useful,

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