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    • By spinninggriller
      Hello Everyone,
      I am from US and I am the owner of Spinninggriller offers the commercial stainless steel shawarma machines, pita ovens and hummus machines at the best price. We have all types of Products like Shawarma Machines, Pita Ovens, Hummus Machines, Saj Bread Machines, Dough Mixers, Char Broilers, Dough Divider and Rouder, Grills, Charcoal Kebab Grill, Meat Slicers, Shawarma Machine Accessories, Shawarma Machine Knife, Gas Ranges, Falafel Makers.
    • By jfio
      Hi Fellow Gurus- I've owned a Primo Jr. for about two years and love it. It came with a Cypress table which I don't like. So I'm planning to build my own table out of cedar if possible. I'd appreciate it if anyone on the site has plans they'd like to share with me.
    • By John Setzler
      I have been exploring a LOT of new things on the grill and in the kitchen in the last year or two in the realm of healthy eating.  I don't deny myself the things I love but I eat a LOT MORE things that are healthy now compared to before.  What's the healthiest thing YOU cook on the grill for yourself or for family and friends?  Share your recipes... show some photos!  
    • By Charcoal Addict
      I don't think there's a clear answer to this yet. Canada uses the Metirc system for the most part except when we're cooking or building something. You go to a Home Depot in Canada, you buy an 8 foot stud not a 2.438 Meter stud. Canadian still bake cookies at 350 F. Going Metirc did not eliminate the Emperial system from Canada.
      Going metric in Canada did not eliminate the Imperial system.
      There's been rumors floating about for year the US would finally go metric to accommodate international trade with other countries. I hate to say it, Trade with China would be the bigger factor for the US to switch over to metric.
      Do you guys thing the US will ever make the switch over to the Metirc system or do you believe that will never happen?
    • By NineEauxFour
      I recently received a Vision Grills Classic B for my birthday and put it together over this past weekend (October 4th). I am a newbie to Kamado grilling/smoking but excited to really tried it out with decent results (chicken get going with it. Someone suggested this forum as a great place to get information so I am looking forward to learning from everyone. 
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