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Cooking surface sizes

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Absolutely gutted. Was going to do some fish tacos on the plancha tomorrow and then salmon on a cedar plank on Sunday, only to be told today that I have to build a bed and wardrobe for my daughter instead. Surely there’s time to fire up the bbq too?


Looking forward to seeing more of the rotisserie results @pittmab - I am sorely tempted!

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The bed got built, then the garden fence got put up, and THEN the Kamander got some time.


Used a new cooking surface - technically anyway - cooked honey, clementine and brandy glazed salmon on a cedar wood plank. It was tremendous!


@pittmabany more rotisserie cooks? Still going well? How is it powered?


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If you were still unsure, the Joetisserie is awesome!!


Leg of lamb, rubbed with, fresh rosemary, garlic, juniper berries, Himalayan salt, black pepper and extra Virginia olive oil.


Cooked around 190⁰c for around 90 mins. I'm not a believer that lamb has to be pink, I was aiming for 60⁰ internal and want far off. Delicious!






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@pittmab Oh wow, man. That looks tremendous!

A Joetisserie is firmly on my wish list for sure. Might take a couple months to convince the other half though. 

One of my concerns is that my Kamander doesn’t line up nicely at all. The hinge is a bit offset I think, so much so that the front catch often doesn’t line up properly. It hasn’t been a massive problem for me in terms of air leakage I don’t think - I’m able to maintain temps with the FireBoard 2 system in place. But I wonder if it will be a problem with the Joetisserie in place though.


Only one way to find out I guess. I’ll probably end up buying from Amazon on prime so I can return it if the fit is no good!

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16 minutes ago, evilnim said:

PS what beer are you drinking there?

Magazine Cover from Deya brewing, very good!


The air leakage isn't really anything to be worried about, there are two holes either side of the joetisserie for the spit to sit in so there is no perfect seal. If the lid on the kamander was heavier, I guess it might be better but to be honest I don't think it makes a lot of difference. You could probably do the whole cook with the lid open and just manage the fire/fuel.


I was worried that it was stupidly expensive and did look at some of the cheaper alternatives but the sizing wasn't as close as the Joetisserie. This is my fifth cook with it and I can only see myself using it more and more to be fair.


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That’s an excellent point mate. Well I guess I’ll just figure out how best to get power to where my Kamander is currently and then just get one!


I’ll have to give that beer a shot once I’ve worked my way through my Brewdog lockdown survival case...

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