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Rotisserie Baskets

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I spent 3 days researching Rotisserie Baskets for my JoeTisserie. I wanted SS, quality, etc


You all may want to look at OneGrill's baskets.  SS 304.  Just got mine yesterday and it is heavy duty.


Brian at OneGrill took 20 minutes over the phone  explaining to me the one they have designed for KJ's. 

It's not really a basket. It's a wired cage.  You can have multiple "flat" layers it you need to.  He was very

familiar with the competition and did not bad mouth any of them.


After watching the black paint peel off a lot of my KJ components, I'm not very confident the new KJ 

basket won't peel.  I know 304 SS won't peel.:woot:

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OneGrill sells high quality rotisserie systems. I have a rotisserie set I purchased from them a couple

of years ago for another grill and it is solid equipment. Let us know how you like the basket.

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Gebo:  Anxious to hear how this works out for you.  I have a Napoleon that I bought through AGC.  It works fine, and the food is delicious.  The cleaning of the mesh surface takes a little effort, but not too much.  Definitely a worthwhile addition.


I'm guessing that this is the basket you purchased?


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Yes. It’s solidly built. 


I’ll advise.  I got 2 more flat shelves with my initial purchase  as well.  

Call company direct and you may save a few dollars. 

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I have a onegrill basket which was gifted to me but can't remember who? Good product. Have used it multiple times though never in a Kamado. Used it in my Hastybake Gourmet and on my PK coupled to the Carson Rodizio. My wife sprays it down with Weber grilling spray to help ease cleaning.

Not to steel my friend @Gebo thread but onlyfire makes a bunch of rotis stuff has a 25% off sale on orders over $50. Code is PRIZE25

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Posted (edited)

I ain't knocking a Napolean basket.  Never had one. Never saw one in person.


That being the case, I am tickled pink with my OneGrill Basket.  I first washed it in the dishwasher and then told my wife to finish it off while I watched a few Judge Judy DVR'd episodes.


I got up to take my meds before bed and I noticed the basket was still in the sink.  What is this world coming to?


Doing my second wing cook tonight.

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After reading this post and having thought about getting a basket for a while, I ordered this

from OneGrill along with two extra screens. It's very well built  - heavy duty.


I gave it a try this past weekend with some chicken wings and they turned out great.

I sprayed the basket with cooking oil - whatever the Costco brand is - and clean up was

a breeze. Just soaked the unit in some soapy water for a while then brushed and sponged

off an residue. I can see a lot of use for this in the future. To clarify - I sprayed the

basket before putting the wings in and put the unit on the grill.


Gebo - Glad you like the basket and it's working well for you. Also, Thanks for the suggestion

about getting extra screens - great idea and will definitely use them.

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You are most welcome!  I'm gonna take your advice and

spray the basket beforehand tonight. 


Looks like I'll be doing cleanup:rofl:and I want to minimize my scrubbing.

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