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is this legit ? most KJs are 50 off

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It’s fraud for sure. Glad you posted this thread to warn others. They recently (within the last few months) created their website(s), their phone numbers aren’t legitimate, and their address is at a closed warehouse. Their email from customer support had a different company name at the bottom so that’s how I found out they have at least a couple of fraudulent websites! And lastly their about page and another page on their site has a different date for when the company started. It seems like they have a few kinks to work out if they want to be more successful in their fraud business. 

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Don't beat yourself up too bad. The Online store looked very good and the smoken deal was tough to pass up. Big lesson learned for me and I'm now 30 days into a 90 day bank review. I'm sure I'm out the $900 bucks.


If anyone who fell for this scam gets their money back share with us,........Thanks...

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I fell for it. Been wanting a KJ  forever so in a moment of weakness I bit. I had been comparing prices for a while. The KJIII here is approx $2299 CDN. This was listed for $899 USD I think. I figured once exchange and shipping was added I could save anywhere between 800-1000!
What really sold me was the whole “limited time” pricing. I found the site the day before the sale ended so I thought I really stumbled upon a great deal. 
I did a double take, triple take, asked my wife to come and look at it to see what she thought. We both felt it looked and seemed legit and I patted myself on the back for a great find..  . I found it strange when I got the receipt for the purchase there was no mention of tax on the bill. I figured I would get dinged on customs,  but even still I felt it would all work out and I would still come out ahead.
Customer support was nice and friendly, I messaged them at least 3-4 times and they just said that the order was being prepared. There was a disclaimer on the website saying intl shipments to Canada could be 4-6 weeks so I wasn’t worried at that point.  Then they stopped answering my messages, and the phone number was not reachable at all. At 3 weeks later and still had no shipping info I knew I was ####ed, and then the site disappeared. Thankfully the bank refunded the purchase no questions asked. Took them about 10 days for the investigation but all good in the end!.

I had purchased my KJIII from a local dealer here in Toronto, Dickson BBQ before the investigation even ended and the funds were put back:)

What a #### was to start into Kamado cooking but I have been enjoying every minute of it

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The money fleecers are getting smarter these days. I am a careful buyer but every once in a while I goof up.


What I have been taught is that one has to “insulate” themselves if you will, on any purchase, on anything.


Tedium prevails. 


That means save receipts, register for warraanties, read fine print , use an account that is specific for purchases,  ask salespeople for their promises in writing etc.etc.


Caveat Emptor prevails.

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To everyone who got fleeced, have you thought about having your credit card replaced? I mean, you did just give the credit card number and personal information to a fake retailer......

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