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Okay I laughed....But damn...you do NOT want a chewy ribeye....I feel your pain.  Looks like it was marinated in the bag?


Steak in a bag....hmmm I can see the draw but nope.  Pick your own.  I agree a personally selected prime ribeye should be nothing short of glorious.


On the plus side the cook looks brilliant and the doneness fantastic.  Nicely done!


Thanks for the warning!

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It came from Kroger. Ungraded as far as the label. Not marinated, I used salt & pepper. Second try, both were the same. Kroger prime ribeye is really good, it also comes in a bag. They are thin as a rule. I only buy them on sale and if I can find a thicker than average. Same for  Kroger prime strip steak.

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2 hours ago, scdaf said:

Grass fed is going to be chewier, and more expensive.  Grain finished beef will have more marbling, therefore, better taste.  Fat = flavor.

Yeah, like Emril says, "no fat, no flavor", it's all about the fat, the grass fed thing is more driven by health consciousness than what the steak actually tastes and chews like, IMO, anyway. The steak in your picture, looks  absolutely perfectly cooked to  a nice medium rare edge to edge with a crusty surface. Great cook, I would love that on my plate. The one thing however, is the noticeable absence of marbling strips in the cut piece in your pic, so lean, it almost doesn't look like a Rib Eye. I buy meat at CostCo and have found the best way to purchase  prime rib eye, is to buy a whole one and trim and cut it into steaks yourself. More cash out lay on the front end, but you actually save money in the long run if you compare the price to buying individual steaks. Depending on how thick I cut them, I get about 16 to 18 steaks out of a whole rib eye. I like them about 2 1/2 inches thick. Never had an issue with tenderness. Very nice steaks IMO. A whole Rib eye is around $225.and change depending on weight. 

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Hey KodF:


I have thought about doing what you're doing almost every Costco run I make.  I haven't tried it yet. but I'm definitely curious about how to deal with that much meat and how long it will last and stay in good shape for cooking?  What is your storage and use method for the steaks?

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Not answering for Keeper but using a vacuum sealer works great.  You can leave them in the fridge longer for a couple of weeks.  Maybe it's just me, but when things are frozen for a while they seem to cook up and taste different.  

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