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Another Covid Friday!

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Well it’s another Covid Friday which if you are like most of us Ontarians means stay the heck home!  We have a group of three couples “The Down and Outers” who have always gotten together on Friday nights for a pizza, beer, bbq, pasta, whatever.  That pretty much ended last summer.  We were chatting online a week or so ago and discussed a Zoom dinner.  All agreed it would be a substitute to look into.  Just after that I watched John's video on prepping and cooking St. Louis Cut ribs.  Game on! All agreed they would try to eat my cooking and contribute a dish to go along.

This week’s flyer had side ribs, so I grabbed up three racks and turned our kitchen into an abattoir yesterday.  I prepped three racks and pre-coated them.  The Akorn was lit at 10:45, and the ribs went on 20 minutes ago.  I will update with more photos along the way today!  Same bat channel...



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The ribs were ready at 3:30.  In the rush to wrap and deliver, I forgot to do immediate photos.  I delivered ribs to the first house, picked up two desert packages, then delivered a meat and desert pack to the third, where I picked up two sides packages.  Back to the first place and delivered sides and then on home.  We heated the oven, dropped ribs and twice baked potato sides in for a quick reheat.  Found a nice beer or two, set the table, warmed up the zoom connection and we all came online for two hours of laughs, future plans, sharing photos of grandkids, etc.  

During the meal, I did manage a few snaps for your enjoyment.


We would heartily recommend setting up one of these evenings with your family or close friends if you haven’t done one yet.  They provided some close contact with loved ones as well as some mental health replenishment.


Ribs, Twice Baked Potatoes and Corn Bread.  My trimming skills need some more practise.



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- Looks like you all had a great time. Super good idea.

- Back at Thanksgiving my wifes family had a zoom call with everyone too include grown up grandchildren all over the US, and then added aunts/uncles and cousins, shirt tail cousins and interlopers from Colombia.

- NO great food exchange like your event.

- Hope all the plans you folks made come to fruition this year.

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@Vanole we plan on returning to weekly dinners once possible, but in the interim, we will be rotating through meal responsibilities.  I have a nice big brisket in the freezer that is awaiting my next turn in the rotation. In the meantime I am awaiting my assignment for a side next week.  Stay safe everyone!

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