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Hello, need help deciding fast!

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Hi guys.  I'm been reading through these forums for years.  John has given excellent insight and all you users have had excellent posts and ideas but now I need help fast.  I have a Kamado Joe Classic I that sits in a table I built that has served me well for years but it's time to upgrade.  My dilemma is this, I can get a brand new KJ Classic II discounted because of scratches for $800 but I just can't get the KJ III out of my mind.  I know all the differences between the two but money talks.   Standalone KJ III from Atlanta Grill Company is $1500.   KJ II with KAB basket on the side will run me $900.  What are your thoughts because I don't know which ledge to jump off, lol  Thanks

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I would upgrade to the Big Joe 2 to gain more horizontal cooking surface. The slo roller is a nice addition but i would trade that for surface area. I know it would cost

more than your other stated options but not much more than the Classic 3. 

Of course if you want to repurpose your table then this may not work. 

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In that case the Classic 2 is the better Value. You’ll get the air lift hinge, new fire box, new gasket and the divide and conquer rack system. Plus any accessories you bought will still fit. 

if you plan to put the new Joe in your current table you may need to raise the grill to allow for the larger hinge. 

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17 hours ago, Bonds25 said:

I just can't get the KJ III out of my mind.  

Never forget that this whole Kamado thing is at least as much about fun as it is about a better method of cooking.  


I suspect you may be in "buy once, cry once" territory.  Get the KJIII and revel in the slo-roller - regardless if it cooks better or not.  

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