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Kamado Joe Cooking Channel - no more John Setzler?


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Recently browsing the Kamado Joe cooking channel on Youtube, I was surprised to see the last vid by John seems to have been the doeJOE chicken thighs, from June 19th, 2020.


Without wishing to embarrass him in any way, he's such a legend and institution on that channel, I was suprised to find no mention of it on this forum (perhaps there is/was but my observation skills are lacking, or perhaps it's not a topic for discussion).


Anyway, I just wanted to sincerely thank John for his expertise, guidance and laid back style in presenting so much knowledge over the years. I still make his pumpkin pie from Nov 2014 regularly - it's a favourite!


I'm glad he's still posting here :)

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I decided to change things up a bit last summer.  Atlanta Grill Company had showed a lot of interest in parterning with me back in 2019.  After some discussions with them I started that partnership early in 2020.  I decided that it was in my best interest to focus on the partnership with AGC and continue my support of the Kamado Joe product line through the Atlanta Grill Company partnership rather than trying to do both.  


I make one or two videos a week that get posted to the Atlanta Grill Company Facebook page and YouTube channels.  I also typically share those vides out to my Man Cave Meals Facebook page as well:






I have also opened up a new platform where I am producing free and exclusive content for anyone who wishes to support my efforts with a membership:





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