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I got some of Penzey’s blends for bbq/grills. I got their smallest bottles on each to try out. 
Anyone has any other brand&blend suggestions ? 
Even though you can make any blends yourself, I find blends more convenient. 


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For some stuff I like some of the Penzey's stuff I have gotten as freebies.  Northwoods good on like chicken or whatever.

As for actual blends for rubs...I have never actually bought a mix (got some as a gift once...don't even recall what it was).

I like to control the amount of salt in my rub...and depending on the cook, not even put any type of sugar in mine.  So I find it easier to mix up some the night before a cook each time...keep it fresh without any added preservatives.

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Way, way, way back on this site, someone posted a simple pork rub recipe that I have now been using for almost 10 yrs.  Cheap to source, easy to blend and a big money saver over store bought.  Here you go.


4 t seasoned salt. (Cut in half)
2 t dark brown sugar.
1 1/2 t regular granulated sugar.
2 t paprika.
1 t cayenne papper (adjust to taste). (Replace with Tony Chachere's.)
1/4 t garlic powder. 
1/4 t ground black pepper. 
1/4 t ground dry mustard. 
1/4 ground cumin. 
1/4 t ground ginger. 
pinch of cinnamon.


I use teaspoons for a small batch (for a Pork Tenderloin), tablespoons for a larger quantity (single rack of ribs). Sometimes I make triple batches.   My variations are in brackets.  I put all ingredients in my blender and wizz them together to form a nice fine powder then try to use all immediately.  Leftovers can go into a mason jar in the freezer for a few weeks.

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Over the years, I have developed my own, typically taking some other posted ones, eliminating things we do not like, adding things we do, and changing proportions etc.


That, combined with purchasing larger volume containers has been a huge cost saver, and also reduced salt, sugar (or increased in some cases) etc.  I had to really stop my wife for paying $5 - $6 for small spice jars at the supermarket when I could get so much more in bulk....


Example (local Canadian prices):  Thyme at Supermarket is around $6 / 15gram bottle ($0.40 a gram) and thyme on Amazon was $11 for 175 grams ($0.06 a gram).....566% increase for little bottle.



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