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Smoking a 17lb Beef Brisket on K24 Pitboss

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Our local Independent Grocery had AAA Canadian Beef briskets on sale for $2.99/lb last week.

As I can not let a deal like this slip thru my fingers, I picked one up.

After some selective carving to remove some of the excess Fat. I mixed up a blend of salt, pepper and Barbarian steak spice, then generously coated entire Brisket. 


Onto Kamado set-up:

  • XYLO Carbone lump charcoal
  • 3 legged ceramic heat deflector with large SS pan
  • Maverick ET73 Redi-chek thermometer
  • Raised Temperature to 250F
  • Installed Part-Q temperature controller 

1pm Friday afternoon

  • Placed brisket on grill (1st picture)
  • Installed Maverick Grill probe beside brisket and directly above drip pan
  • Inserted Meat probe into thickest part of brisket
  • Attached Party-Q temperature probe to meat probe ensuring it wasn't touching meat
  • Run at 250F for about half hour until all temps balanced out then set Party-Q at 225F

8:30am Saturday morning

  • Took a peak and topped up charcoal (2nd picture)
  • Internal Meat temperature 168F  which turned out to be the stall point for the next couple hours. 

2:00pm Saturday afternoon

  • Internal meat temperature 195F
  • Pulled Brisket off grill
  • Double wrapped in tinfoil
  • Wrapped in larger heavy beach towel

5pm Saturday afternoon

  • unwrapped (3rd picture)
  • Started carving the flat (4th picture)
  • Gorged ourselves with smoked brisket on fresh onions buns and homemade "Au Jus" for dipping. very tasty
  • Finished carving,  showing leftovers (5th picture)


17lb Brisket 1.jpg

8_30am Brisket 2.jpg

Brisket 3.jpg

Brisket 4 .jpg


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GREAT looking brisket and tasty!


I planning on smoking my first brisket (also 17lbs) on my Kamado Joe next weekend and wanted to confirm your timeline.


1:00 pm Friday afternoon - started

8:30am Saturday morning - brisket at 168F (stall temperature)

2:00pm Saturday afternoon - wrapped in foil and wrapped in towel to rest.

5:pm Saturday afternoon - served


1:00pm to 8:30a - 19-1/2 hours to reach stall temp

8:30am to 2:00pm - 5-1/2 hours for the brisket to reach internal temperature of 195F; remove from smoker and wrapped in foil x 2 then wrapped in towel to rest

2:00pm to 5:00pm - 3 hours to rest before serving


It took a total of 28 hours to smoke?  I was under the impression it typically takes 18 hours to slow cook a brisket and was expecting to start mine at 11:00pm Friday so I can have it ready to serve on Saturday at 6:00pm.


Once you wrapped the brisket in a towel, did you place it inside a cooler?


Thank you!



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25hrs cook time 

3 hours rest

rest was double tinfoil wrap 

then full covering in heavy beach towel 

I didn’t place in cooler as the beach towel was very heavy 


be sure to cut out heavy fat (suet) from middle of thick side of brisket.   
lots of good info on internet for trimming brisket for smoking.  Average trim waste is 1 to 1-1/2 lb


If you’re worried about timing then place on grill earlier as meat can rest for hours. 




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