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Akorn rotiserie question


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Total newbie here so please forgive the ignorance...

I've seen that everyone comments that cooking open top on akorns/komados will result in the heat being too high and unstable.... but I cant help but think that people do it all the time in cheap steal barrels


What makes the akorn/komados incapable of such a cook? Surely it wouldn't damage the unit itself? 







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Welcome to the forum!


There's no reason you can't cook with the top open. You can control the fire and cooking temp

by the amount of fuel that is burning. One thing that may happen is that the handle on the

Kamado could get hot enough to melt if it is made of some sort of "plastic".


There is a Youtuber who goes by "Pitmaster X" and has a lot of videos. This is one where he does

Picanha on a spit on a KJ with the lid open.



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