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Flash from meteor that hit somewhere in Edmonton

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My front camera didn’t pick up anything. Only back camera.  If it had come on front side my camera would have picked it up in sky.  My front camera can see sky while my back camera is trained just to be over the fence.   That was how I was able to get Video for police that helped them catch catalytic converter thieves.

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Some more on this from the American Meteor Society. 





More than 400 reports from 3 Canadian Provinces and Montana (USA)
The AMS received more than 400 reports so far about a morning fireball event that occurred over Alberta, Canada on February 22, 2021 around 6:23am MST (13:23 Universal Time). The AMS #2021-978 event was mainly seen from the Canadian province of Alberta, but was also visible from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Montana (USA). The computer generated trajectory from the list of current witnesses, indicates a short path just north of Edmonton, Alberta.


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