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What Kamado Grill is best?

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I also vote for the Big Green Egg. BGE and KJ are the best known brands and are widely supported by many 3rd parties, particularly with accessories, add-ons and just plain knowledge when you have needs or questions.  

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I would say the closest one to you but I ordered my Big Joe from BBQ Guys and have not been disappointed. Black. Got a Joe Classic a few years later, red. Both taste the same. Why not red?

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On 2/23/2021 at 8:46 PM, Natosha Jacobs said:
Phase 3 of our mega renovation is an outdoor kitchen and patio. We want a Kamado grill to smoke, bake, and make pizzas in. It's a little overwhelming. We initially liked the Kamado Joe but the manufacturer decided to only make it in red -- a deal breaker for us. Those with experience in with Kamado grills....which do you prefer?
Grill Dome
Primo Oval Grill
Vision Grill
The Green Egg

So... tell us the final decision, and some pictures of the reveal please... inquiring minds want to know .!

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The true be told this is a loaded question and everyone will have the same opinion of what they're cooking on .:worship:

A few questions to ask yourself is how many you plan on cooking for, what style of cooking as this may help with your decision

  • size 18", 22" or 24"
  • Top name brand$$$$$ (BGE, KJ) VS lower cost cost name brand (Louisiana grill, Pitboss)
  • Available accessories
  • Your Climate, ceramic not hindered by outdoor temperature not sure about metal keg styles (someone on this site could provide info as I'd like to know too?)
  • Your budget
  • Warranty is a big one too

As most have already commented, taste will not be hindered by name brand. Lol


I've been running a K24 Pit Boss purchased from Costco for $800 in April 2016, I had a single warranty claim which was resolved immediately.

I cook year round which has been as low as -25 degs and most know our Canadian winters can be brittle.

I've been extremely happy with the Pitboss. 


Which ever you choose remember it doesn't stop there as the next challenge is picking out your lump charcoal.  


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7 hours ago, GrillnBrew said:

I have a friend who just bought one of these https://www.goldenscastiron.com/ and he loves it.  It's his first kamado, so nothing to compare it to, but it looks nice and it's black.

On Marketplace there is a dealer trying to unload three new ones for $1,100 each in Georgia. That seems very competitive. 

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