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Broken KJ SoapStone First Use

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I'm new to charcoal and kamado so I expect a few missteps.  For my first cook I tried smashburgers on the soapstone.  I was aiming for a dome temp of 600 but it went to 700.  I checked the surface of the soapstone, it was 621 F.  I cooked my burgers at this temp(worked really well).

Next day cleaning the stone, I noticed a large crack.  I assume the stone got too hot?  I didn't see anything about a max temp on the box, so I'm not sure.


What did I do wrong?


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Did you have one of the SS grill grates under the soapstone for additional support when you smashed your burgers? I don't have a soapstone, but have read where they need some additional support to keep from breaking them when doing smash burgers.

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I was wondering about that, does the crack hurt in some way?  is the entire stone anti-bacterial or just the surface?


My other thought on the crack was caused by the stone heating or cooling too quickly.  I brought the stone in the house and left it a while, so the stone was at or close to room temp before using.  Outside temp was probably 20 so I used advice I saw online about not lighting the charcoal in 5 spot, just lighting it in the center and and let the dome slowly (bottom and top vent open about 1/2 way or so) come up to temp.  I had the stone in the grill while it was coming up to temp.  

After some time, the grill reached 700 degrees which was about 100 over what I was shooting for.  Surface temp of the stone was 621, I don't know if there was a crack at that point, it was dark. 

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