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Max temp of the KJ classic 3?

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I was asking KJ support about max temps on a soapstone and the response was the stone doesn't have a max temp other than the grills 750 max temp!?


I've seen plenty of videos of the grill temp pegged on these things, maybe the support person was thinking about another grill?  That would be odd because they asked for a picture of my grill with the dome closed, so they know which one is it and that I actually own one (I guess).



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2 hours ago, Golf Griller said:

Does the Slo-Roller have a maximum temperature?

Yes.  Unless it has worn off, it's printed on the round disc on the top of the Slo-Roller.  500 degrees Farenheit, which is 260 degrees Celsius.

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17 hours ago, BURGER MEISTER said:

Just because you've seen it on YouTube, doesn't mean it's a good idea.:rofl: KJ was probably recommending 750 max for safety sake and longevity of it's product.  I've seen quite a few YouTube videos that reaffirm todays society is doomed.:-D

Absolutely true dat, seen some folks on U Tube and other forums  bragging about 950 degree Neapolitan pizza cooks, and temps even above that for what they call "Burn Outs" to clean out carbon deposits and gunk. Never been a fan of that myself, and 650 for pizza is my limit. Just too much potential for damage to ceramic components at supper high temps. I remember a post from the guy that builds Komodo Kamado's (super high end over built and engineered bomb proof grills). He was talking about how high the temp was in your fire box when your dome thermometer reads above 700. I can't actually remember the temp, but I do remember it really caught my attention and  was way way high. 

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Take some time to understand how heat is applied to food and you very quickly LOSE THE NEED to take a grill over 700°F for much of anything.  People do it because it draws attention on social media.   It doesn't draw any attention to their cooking skills.

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