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Outdoor Kitchen question about gas grill

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I have a KJ BJ3. Bought it about 3 months ago and use it every weekend multiple times. Have the soapstone and DoJoe for it.  I also have a Weber Performer Premium and an old Kitchen Aid gas grill (5 main burners, rotisserie, and side sear). The Kitchen Aid is on the deck above the walk out area - so good in good weather only. I ran a propane line to it while building the house.  

We are finishing the area under a screened in porch above the walk out basement. Nice area, 14x20. I want to put in an outdoor kitchen area because I had one at my previous house. I used the outdoor grill at my old house that was essentially the same as my kitchen aid grill now every weekend multiple times. But that was before I had a KJ. 

Question: Should I even do a gas grill downstairs? I don’t want to drop $2K on something like a Napoleon built-in but then never use it. 

What do you all do? Do you use your gasser anymore? 

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I use my gas grill like a stove top, to fry and sauté things mostly for side dishes and appetizers and such, using cast-iron pans, dutch ovens, and griddles,  while I also cook big cuts, ribs, whole poultry, long braises, on my Egg at the same time.  I also use the gas grill  for quick cooks like fish etc. It just doesn't make sense to fire up a charcoal grill for a 10 minute cook. I also use it with a griddle for smash burgers. When using cast iron pans or griddles heat is heat, and quick easily controlled heat from a gas grill makes the cooking task even easier. If I were building an outdoor kitchen I would definitely add a gas grill along with one or two kamados. I would stay away from boutique grills and  go with a built in Weber Genesis or Summit, good solid dependable grill at a reasonable price. Besides Weber has been around forever and has  excellent customer service, and access to parts. My gas grill is a Weber Summit and I love it. Also I live in the high desert mountains around Prescott Arizona, where we have yearly fire restrictions during fire season, when I can not use any grill that produces and ash, but attended gas grills are fine. Just my two cents. Charcoal fired kamados are the best, but that does not mean gas grills aren't useful. I also have a Traeger Timberline 850 in my stable of 3 grills on a raised deck. They all have there uses, and it is fun to switch back and forth for specific cooks. 

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Yeah I was leaning to having a gas grill. I had a side burner installed at my old house and only used it a few times, so I like your idea of the gas grill doing that and other things. I’ve got a cast iron pan but haven’t used it on yet. Good ideas all around. Thanks!

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