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Cowboy Lump Charcoal - Edmonton Area Costco

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This is probably "meh" to you lucky folks in the US with 800 brands of charcoal to pick from at $.50 a pound, but up here the selection is no where as good and the prices horrendous.  There is not much hardwood in this neck of the woods to make it locally either.


So...if you are in the Edmonton area (I was in St. Albert), Costco had Cowboy lump for $16.  This is the first time I have ever seen that brand up here ever.

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In Vancouver, BC - your choice is Jealous Devil, Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg lump charcoal.


I can’t wait for the borders to re-open so I can head south into Bellingham to by my lump charcoal.

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Rona now sells the Cowboy lump charcoal.  I’ve only used Jealous Devil exclusively.


What are your opinions on the Cowboy lump??   Can someone post pictures?




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I will not purchase again.  I find it burns poorly, acrid smoke...overall I would give it a low grade.  Also very small pieces.  Plus, Costco sells it here still for $16 a bag, and Lowes wants almost $30 I think....so the markup must be significant.



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Thank you for your valued opinion.


I bought 2 x 35lbs bags of Jealous Devil lump charcoal over the weekend in preparation the upcoming smoking season.


Once again, thank you and stay stay safe!

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