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New Hatch bbq sauce on country style ribs

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Found a new place to order a variety of hatch chile products,  so far it's all great.  This sauce is spicy with just a little sweet.  Worked very well.






I'll try it on wings soon.  All of the products are typically produced and canned a day or 2 before they ship.

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7 minutes ago, Golf Griller said:

Where is this place?



They are out of Las Cruces, NM.  Just outside of Hatch, NM


Shipping was fast, the 7 items we purchased were well packaged.  We liked everything we have tried so far.


You can pick your heat level for each item.


I am not affiliated,  my little brother told me about them, we liked it and are happy to recommend them.

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We have been ordering from the Fresh Chile Company for a little over a year probably. Great products. And the hot and extra hot chiles definitely have some zip. I really like the Posole seasoning blend as well. Not necessarily for posole, but just for a good all around texmex type seasoning. 

I ordered the sauce and have it, but haven’t used it yet.   Feeling inspired now though!

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Hatch looks worth a try.


I see the $10 flat rate shipping. We will order as soon as we can verify USPS is in no way involved-some poor to horrible results lately from FedEx Smart Post (3 weeks from Indy to Nashville) or anything pure USPS.



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Years ago my wife and I would drive to Hatch from Phoenix to buy 4 or 5 30# bags of chili's.

It was a fun trip and we would buy mild, hot and even some red chili's. When we returned,

we got the family together for a chili roasting party and divvy up the pods. A few years

later we discovered that the local grocery store carried the same bag's of chili's and we 

could buy them for the same price as we paid in Hatch. It was a 4 mile round trip instead of

a 600 mile round trip. LOL! Love those Hatch chili's!

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Follow up post. It is USPS delivery. -gonna wait.


We have had too many larger than a regular letter problems with them lately. We online order frequently. So....


Maybe it's just our recent sour shippingexperiences.


Some well heeled positive posts above. I value that kind of input.

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