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Five-Grain Sourdough With Rye Sourdough

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This weeks test run was Five Grain Sourdough with Rye Sourdough.   The recipe is from Jeffrey Hamelman’s book titled ‘Bread’ A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes, 2nd edition located in the Sourdough Rye section.   I scaled down the commercial recipe from 23.64 kg to 1.83 kg.   For the Rye Sourdough build, I used my mature Levain sourdough culture.  I really like the taste. This is definitely a keeper recipe. The multigrain portion was brown flax seeds, cracked rye, sunflower seeds, and oats (stone ground).   The inside crumb is nice and soft while outside crust is crisp.   



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41 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

That looks phenomenal!  Mr. KK and I have been attempting to bake breads recently and it is definitely an art and requires some skill. Anyone can cook - but to be able to bake is another story. :)


Thank you.  

Very true, for me it was easy to understand for the process chemistry portion but shaping etc has taken practice, when I compare to bread I made  2 years ago to a year ago to what I can make today my skill level is very different now,  I can repeat a previous recipe and it now and it looks so much better.   

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