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Don't forget - smoked cheese


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While it's cooler outside it's the best time to smoke a bunch of cheese.


Did mine a week ago, tested it today.  My best batch ever and I think my new favorite wood for cheddar is hickory.





This is extra sharp cheddar.  I crusted it with black pepper before vacuum sealing it.  Going to be fantastic after it rests a few months.  Last year I did extra sharp cheddar with pecan and crusted in chipotle.   Still have one of those sealed floating around.

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Smoked cheddar is incredible.  2 hours 45 minutes seems to be the sweet spot.  Mozzarella for 4 hours 45 minutes is also incredible.  If the outdoor temperature starts to climb above 45 degrees, a try of ice cubes can allow you to smoke cheese into the spring and again in the early fall.

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22 hours ago, Dogstar said:

Hi PhilPom:


What do you do after vac-u-packing the "marinated" cheese?  Set in the fridge, or freeze it, or what?  And at what temp, and for how long, did you smoke it for?

I toss it in the back of the fridge for a few months to let it mellow.  I have some that has been refrigerated for a year.  At least a month or 2 is critical in my book.

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21 hours ago, John Setzler said:

@philpom how do you like the chamber sealer?


So far I like it, I've only sealed a few dozen times with it.  The default settings prove correct etc.  I can report that it is not capable of sealing retort bags (which is a bummer) but it does great on mylar bags.  For kicks I also played around sealing zip type freezer bags, works but I don't trust them.

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