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Don't forget - smoked cheese

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While it's cooler outside it's the best time to smoke a bunch of cheese.


Did mine a week ago, tested it today.  My best batch ever and I think my new favorite wood for cheddar is hickory.





This is extra sharp cheddar.  I crusted it with black pepper before vacuum sealing it.  Going to be fantastic after it rests a few months.  Last year I did extra sharp cheddar with pecan and crusted in chipotle.   Still have one of those sealed floating around.

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Smoked cheddar is incredible.  2 hours 45 minutes seems to be the sweet spot.  Mozzarella for 4 hours 45 minutes is also incredible.  If the outdoor temperature starts to climb above 45 degrees, a try of ice cubes can allow you to smoke cheese into the spring and again in the early fall.

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Hi PhilPom:


What do you do after vac-u-packing the "marinated" cheese?  Set in the fridge, or freeze it, or what?  And at what temp, and for how long, did you smoke it for?

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22 hours ago, Dogstar said:

Hi PhilPom:


What do you do after vac-u-packing the "marinated" cheese?  Set in the fridge, or freeze it, or what?  And at what temp, and for how long, did you smoke it for?

I toss it in the back of the fridge for a few months to let it mellow.  I have some that has been refrigerated for a year.  At least a month or 2 is critical in my book.

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21 hours ago, John Setzler said:

@philpom how do you like the chamber sealer?


So far I like it, I've only sealed a few dozen times with it.  The default settings prove correct etc.  I can report that it is not capable of sealing retort bags (which is a bummer) but it does great on mylar bags.  For kicks I also played around sealing zip type freezer bags, works but I don't trust them.

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    • By LJS
      Hi Kamado Peeps,
      Over the weekend I cooked up some pizza – cheese and veg cheese. I love the wood fire taste and the pizza is cooked just right in under 10min.
      I have not tried any backing yet but have done loads of baking on the webber. 
      Keep smoking 

    • By DerHusker
      I been wanting to do this for a long time but didn’t have a proper equipment or the correct weather conditions. I recently bought an A-MAZE-N smoking tube.

      It was expected to get down to 41 degrees (fairly cool nights for Southern California) and it was only 67 during the day so I decided to give this a try. Around 4:00 PM I started by cooling the kamado down by placing 5 pieces of Blue Ice in it.

      Around 8:30 it reached 50 degrees outside, so I started up the A-MAZE-N smoking tube in my gasser so as not to heat up the kamado.

      Once it ignited, I let it burn for a few minutes

      before blowing out the flame.

      I let it smoke while I went in and prepared the cheese. I had purchased 2 lbs. of Gouda, Colby Jack and Sharp Cheddar at Costco.

      I took them out of their wrappers.

      I cut them up into smaller sizes so they could absorb more smoke and placed them on a wire rack.

      I then placed the A-MAZE-N smoking tube in the bottom of my kamado. I next put in both of my ceramic heat deflectors, then the grill grates and then the rack of cheese. (You can see some of the smoke coming up around the deflectors)

      I closed the lid and observed a small amount of smoke coming out the top vent.

      An hour later it looked like this.

      After two hours in the smoke I opened the lid. WOW!

      I brought the rack in the house where I could see a subtle change in the cheese color.

      I vacuum packed them all and placed them in the fridge to age and mellow for 3 weeks.

      This morning I when out to see how much of the pellets were left in the A-MAZE-N smoking tube. It looks like approximately 1/3 was left unburnt. I’m thinking it could’ve gone at least another hour.

      I can’t wait to try them but will wait to let time do its thing on them first.
      Thanks for looking.
    • By Shortyque
      I have been consumed lately with the desire to smoke some cheese on my classic.  It just seems that everywhere I have been reading the last little while, someone has been talking about grilling cheese.  I do not have a smoker tube or maze yet (that will probably be my next grilling purchase, but need to wait and see what Santa has in the presents first), but I got to wondering if it is possible to cold smoke without one.  So here is my setup:   just a small amount of charcoal, in a string, with a few apple chunks on top.  The plan was to light the one end, and the chunks would slowly burn around my half circle.  I had the vents almost closed, just a sliver open.  Didn't start out too bad, I was holding grate temp right at 90, but after about half hour the fire was almost dead.  I was forced to open the grates a little more, and the grate temp went to 120.  That was about as low as I could hold it, so I just put a big pan of ice under the cheese.  The smoke wasn't as clean as I would have liked, probably due to very little air circulation.  After about three hours I pulled the cheese off and left it sit, then wiped it gently and bagged it.  I just sliced a piece after a week and half of fridge time.  The swiss is really good, the cheddar is o.k., but I probably should have gotten sharp instead of mild.  Would I do this again?  Probably not, I think the smoke tube is worth waiting on, but this did turn out better than I expected.  

    • By THATGUY
      It has been a little bit cooler this past week and with the holidays right around the corner I decided it was time to smoke some cheese.  In the past, I used the Amazen tube smoker in my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, but there wasn't enough circulation to keep the tube well lit.  This year I used my Kamado.  I  was able to use my MAPP torch to light the tube and with the vents open the tube got plenty of air to keep it smoldering.  I have the cheese vacuum sealed and resting, but it looks spot on.  I wrote up a little tutorial here: http://www.backyardmovies.net/smoking-cheese-at-home/
      I did a Swiss, A Sharp Cheddar, and a Pepper Jack, our Costco cheese selection is a little limited. 
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