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Rusted Cast Iron Fire Grate


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I have taken a long hiatus from using my Joe since I had to move to the city with no outdoor space for the last three years, but now i'm back! I went to look in my Joe that was in storage and noticed the fire grate was pretty rusted. Is there a point of no return with the rust? It's starting to peel off a bit. Any idea how how I could salvage?

I plan to give it a high temp cook off once im ready, any other precautions  I should take before getting my joe back in action?

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Not sure about the differences in product, but I let my Akorn go about 8 yrs ago.  When I came back to it, the was a lot of rust.  I put on a dust mask, added a wire wheel to my cordless drill and went to town.  A half hour and two batteries later, it was cleanish.  I brushed it off well, and then baked on three coats of Canola oil.   It went well and I am still using it like nothing ever happened.  Hope this helps.

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A soak in an equal mix of white vinegar and water should go a long way in removing/dissolving the rust. Then, go at it with mechanical scrubbing.


Here's a good resource on cast iron cleaning:



If this is the fire grate, I don't see the point in seasoning it, or actually, even spending too much time on rust removal. In the firebox, any seasoning would likely be burned right off, leaving bare cast iron, which will rust again.


A high temp cook off will cook off any seasoning on the fire grate, or other cast iron surfaces.



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