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Costco Member Savings on Kamado Joe

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8 hours ago, Random Pointer said:

I purchased the Big Block charcoal from Costco, and they were delivered today. Instead of getting four 20 lbs bag of KJ Big Block, I received four 16 lbs bag of MasterBuilt charchoal.




I'd take it back to Costco and reorder again.  Somebody dropped the ball somewhere.

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22 hours ago, Random Pointer said:

I returned it and got in touch with the customer rep. They could not help. They could not reach KJ either.


Just my luck.

I am also sorry you are having problems. I received my 4 bags shortly after ordering them. That is surprising that Costco customer service is not being more helpful. When they had the KJ sale last season, I ordered the iKamand from them. I knew there were some issues with the iKamand but the price was too good to pass up for me, especially knowing Costco customer service would help with any issues. As it turned out I did have an issue in that they shipped me 4 bags of KJ charcoal instead of the iKamand. The issue got elevated within Costco customer service and they called KJ on a daily basis for me until they got a tracking number for the iKamand, which was after the KJ sale had ended. So, I would suggest staying on Costco customer service until they make it right. 

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