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Soon to be a Large Green Egg Owner


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Finally moved it to the deck today and did a first fire and cooked a rib-eye steak.   I had some trouble controlling the temp at the beginning and overshot my target of 500F dome temp.  But it settled down eventually.  Pretty amazing how it can keep temp once it is dialed in despite opening and closing the dome to flip steak, check meat temp, etc.


This is my first time cooking with charcoal and my family was impressed.  I didn't use the apple wood chunk I bought since it was a fast cook.  But there is still plenty of smoke flavor from the lump charcoal.  My daughter even said that the parts that are not pink are still very good (not the case when cooked with gas...)


I closed the vent and put on the ceramic cap, the temp is down but the outside is still warm so I can't put the cover on.  Is it okay that it gets wet from rain?





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Awesome! Good to see you were able t oget it moved safely! 


Weather will not hurt it, lots of people don't ever cover them at all. I would try to make sure that the water is kept out of the inside because it will ruin the remaining unburned lump. 


The steak looks pretty good, but I would have cooked it at a higher temp to get more sear on the outside without over cooking the inside of the steak. Personally I try to get my grill as hot as possible for a sear, but you will find a process that works for your preferences once you have worked with it a little. 

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9 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

Cool glad to hear that you got it moved safely and have your first cook under your belt. 


The pot lifter made the job really easy.  Thanks again for the tip.  Now I am reading up all the recipes and thinking what to cook this weekend.

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Just saw this and congratulations on your Kamado.  I saw your list earlier in the thread and a suggestion for you.  I have as smaller aluminum trash can with locking lid that I dump my ash into.  Wait until it gets a little heavy and repurpose a new lump bag.  Works for me. 

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