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When is the cast iron griddle better than the soapstone?


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Hi All,

New to the community and relatively new to Kamado cooking. On the one year anniversary of getting my classic I have branched out to get a few of the different cooking surfaces.


I got the cast iron grates as well as the soapstone half moon. However, in the process of getting my soapstone, I was initially sent the cast iron griddle as well accidentally.

I still haven't sent it back however it got me thinking whether it might be worth it to keep as well...


I had a great first cook with the soapstone (smash burgers) and am very impressed. I am considering picking up a second stone, but it got me thinking whether the cast iron might be better to keep to have the variation. I'm curious though- when is the cast iron preferable over the soapstone, and vice versa? I like the idea of having a few different things.


Also, curious if anyone has any suggestions for soapstone cooks aside from the standards- salmon, white fish, burgers, and good sears. 

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The cast iron is better if you don't want to wait FOREVER to heat up the soapstone. I got the soapstone a few months ago (possibly as much as a year ago but who knows during covid times?) and love the results but I light my grill an hour and a half before cooking to get to searing temp. Am I doing something wrong?


Other than that, I use the cast iron in addition to the soapstone when I want a full searing surface, though that's not ideal since they're at different temperatures. 

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