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The Texas Brisket? Nervous In El Paso


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after spending the better part of a month in El Paso helping my daughter to buy, move-in, repair, get settled in her home, she asked that I cook a brisket. Her friends have heard the legends and have been shown. many of my cooks, issuing their demands for a sample. 


Anyway, this will actually be my first brisket cook in Texas andI want to properly represent my home state. But I’m working at a disadvantage. I do not have my regular KJ Big Joe’s of course nor, any offset available. My daughter purchased a non-descript pellet cooker from Academy Sports and i’m a little nervous about the final product. 


The brisket will definitely be well seasoned and I’ll pull it at the right time but, the constant forced air,no butcher paper and only foil available for the hold has me quite concerned. 


Anyway, it went on at 5am







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No worries, when it hits 160 wrap it loosely in foil add 1/2 cup liquid (water works fine, but you can use beer, coke etc..).

If you have a cooling rack, use it to suspend the brisket out of the liquid.

cook another two or three hours and presto, bob's your uncle!

Some pellet spitters make more smoke at lower heat settings so you may want to run the first two or three hours at or around 225, then up the temp to 250/275 to get it cooked in time to eat the same day.

My pellet spitter has a hot spot so I Like to flip and move briskets every two hours to help even cooking.

Lastly, remember "carry over" cooking where the meat continues to cook after it's pulled off the cooker.

If you plan on resting or holding the meat in an insulated cooler for an hour or two, it will continue to cook which means that if it's completely cooked when you pull it, it will become over cooked while holding or resting if you put it in an insulated chamber.

So, if it's perfectly tender when you pull it, let it rest uncovered on a counter to minimize carry over cooking.

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Well we’ll see how this goes. Color absolutely sucks. No bark whatsoever to speak of. Hopefully it at least blackens in the rest. Probably left it on a tad too long going by color but it jiggles when it walks so, it went into some overpriced peach paper I found and await the guests





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