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Pan Cook: Roasted Spatchcock Chicken

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I have been thinking about what I would cook for the "Pick a Pan" challenge, and decided I would cook a few pan cooks, and decide which one I should enter. The spirit of the challenge is to encourage others to cook things that may be new to them. Well any way, I digress, it is cold today with the possibility of some frozen mix showers later in the day, so I thought comfort food would be good for dinner. I read a story about young chef's who visited Julia Child, she would reportedly, always ask them what they wanted her to cook for dinner. The majority of them, again reportedly, said roast chicken. Maybe for the same reasons the chefs chose it, roast chicken is and will always be one of my very favorite cooks. So here goes. 


The ingredients: Free Range Chicken, Potato medley, Carrots, Onions, Celery, Simon and Garfunkel spices, with roast Garlic, Orange zest, Kosher salt, cracked pepper, Spanish smoked Paprika, and good olive oil. I also use Chicken broth and some dry wine. 


Rough chop the Veggies


Lift the skin on the chickens breast and thighs. Make a paste of the spices and some olive oil

Rub the spice mixture under and over the skin.


Put the prepped chicken in the fridge uncovered for 2hrs. 


I am going to start cooking this later this afternoon, Please follow along if you are interested. See you then. 

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Good to go about 3:00 pm, A little windy and chilly, but all in all a beautiful afternoon. Just lit the fire. 


about an hour later my dome temp was about 360 and I put the food on. I let my fire develop slowly and usually run my Egg about a hour before putting on food. 


were cooking, I will let the temp climb upto about 425



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just thought about this big heavy duty spatula, when I set it out. This one is made by Traeger and is an extremely useful tool when your cooking whole chicken, turkey, or big cuts like pork butt, brisket, tri tip, and such. its thick stiff steel so it will not bend or wobble with weight. I have lifted 17 lb briskets with it and it makes the task easy. If you don't have one, I highly recommend one. 


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16 hours ago, len440 said:

Keeper it's a keeper(sorry i had to say that) the orange and zest is an interesting touch

Yeah, the oranges are really good. I use clementine and mandarins. My wife loves them after they have cooked, kind of a sweet, chickeny, smokey, flavor. Some times I make small  meatballs out of mild Italian sausage and add those too.

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16 hours ago, mliebs said:

Not sure what I like better, your backward or the food.  

Yes, I must admit, it is really pretty here just outside Prescott at about 5'800 ft in the desert mountains. Really nice with the change of seasons, although we do have fire restrictions from about the middle of June until the monsoons kick in around late July and August. I can't cook on anything that produces an ash when that happens. So I am cooking on a gasser for about two months every year. 

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