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Hi all,


I am considering purchasing the Smobot temp controller for my KJC2 and wondered if there is anyone here who uses one and has any opinions to share on how it has worked out.  I did a quick search of the forum and only really found discussion from the lead up and right at it's release.


I really like the idea of the smobot and the way it controls temperature by controlling the airflow out the vent versus a fan that functions by kicking up the fire.  Plus, I like that it is very energy efficient because I don't have easy power access at my grill.  In the case of the smobot, even if the battery you are using runs out the grill will still most likely stay at about the right temp anyway since the vents would still be open.


....plus then I could say I have a robot running my grill :respect:


Any thoughts?

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Lately, I have been leaving my top vent open and attempting to control the temperature with the bottom damper alone. I think this was suggested to reduce the chance of getting too much smoke flavor. 

When I had an Akorn there is no doubt a fan would be unnecessary and only the bottom dampner would be necessary for remote control. That could be the case with a ceramic... 

I like the idea of controlling from the top, as I used a Tip Top Temp extensively on the Akorn, I am just going a different direction with the KJC2, at the moment.

Good Luck! 

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I learned a long time ago, even in my pre-kamado decades, :) that controlling the cook with the air exit vents was a bad idea.


Control the fire, not the smoker breathing.  I found it best to run a smoker with the widest air exit opening possible while controlling the temperature with how much air I give the fire. 


Some say this is "smothering" the fire.  Baloney.  If you still have fire, it isn't "smothered" is it?  It is just burning at a reduced rate.  Yes indeed, you can cut off all air to the fire and smother it, but keeping it going with limited air and controlling the temperature isn't smothering the fire.


This ends up, for me anyway, with much better tasting smoked meats.


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I got the Smobot recently for my KJC3 and like it overall. I’ve used it on a brisket and it worked perfectly for a 14 hour cook. 

I’ve used it on some shorter cooks just to learn/play around with it too.


My three gripes are:


1. It’s expensive! I needed a new thermometer and decided that I would eventually get a temp controller so I convinced myself that the price was ok.


2. There are a alot of wires to keep track of. I imagine this is the same with any temp controller though.


3. The app works fine but it’s not flashy. I’ve seen screen captures from other controllers and wireless probe systems and they look more polished. I kind of like the homemade feel of the smobot though.


A major plus is that the owners are active on the forums and very responsive. I’ve reached out to them multiple times and they have been very helpful. 

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Just an update, I went for it and ordered the Smobot with the custom cap and rain cover.  Got it in this week, and it's been fun to play around with.  Used it for the first time yesterday to cook a chuck roast and had a blast.  It was super easy to set up and worked exactly as expected.  I had a ton of fun playing around with it, it's just my type of gadget.







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