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    • By zero
      Hi all, so after less than a year on my Akorn, I made the leap and now have a Kamado Joe Classic!  Haven't done any cooking on it yet, as I didn't get it onto my back patio until last night around 9:15, but will remedy that tonight!  I put this post at the end of my last one full of 20 questions about how to move one of these things, and thought I'd create it as a thread of its own, in case there are (probably will be) any other people in my situation who want input on whether it will fit in their vehicle or not, specifically to those with a 2010 Subaru Outback or newer.  Measured my rig's interior tons of times, got varying results on the size of the kamado itself, had a friend ready to lend me his truck, but at the end of the day my Outback did the job:

      With the top vent removed, it just fits in there, standing upright.  My intent was to have it lying down, but this worked out great.  I stuffed some excess plastic wrap the Costco guys had left over between the handle and my car's rear hatch.  Some tie-down straps from the same friend kept it quite stable, and I had a pretty easy drive back over the mountains to my house.

      I've never been known for any kind of cosmetic abilities, only good cooking.   Anyway, it survived the trip without incident, and now it's waiting patiently on my back patio for the first cook!

      Think I'll try a [simple?] reverse seared steak, since I didn't [easily?] have that ability with my Akorn.  Sounds like a simple process, but gues I'm about to find out!  Look forward to sharing lots of tasty cooks with y'all.
    • By wallawu
      I'm going on vacation at the end of August, and if I get it cleared with the condo I'm staying in I'd like to take the Akorn with me.  We'll be down in the gulf, so I'd like to give some fresh seafood a try on this thing.  I don't see what it could hurt, but just in case, is traveling ~10 hours strapped in the back of my truck a danger to the Akorn?
      I'd also like to take it to Razorback tailgates, so this will be good to know for that, too.
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