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Hadn't cooked a rib roast before, but a sale that takes the price from $11/lb to $6/lb seemed like a good time to try. The slab was only two bones but still 6.5 pounds, with good marbling on the sides from what I could tell.


Saw many different options for cooking, but I decided to go with 250 °F. The estimate here said about 2½ hours, but it ended up needing 3¾ hours to hit 126 °F in the center. I saw that it was going longer, so I delayed the start of the sides. Still had a bit of a wait, but things kept warm well enough. I was very pleased with how everything turned out and may try it again at Christmastime.








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Thanks all. Throwing the rib bones in the toaster oven for a few minutes made a mighty tasty snack. And when you're the butcher, shiners don't have to be a thing.

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