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Cleaning cooking grate - very easy

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Hey everyone! 


Some time ago we had a discussion about my dad's and my idea of creating a cooking grate that will have a disposable middle section, which you could toss in the garbage bin after one or a few particularly messy cooks. 



After collecting forum members feedback we realized that previous model with disposable section wasn't going to work. So we got back to the drawing board and decided to go a slightly different way - cooking grate with removable bars. They are much easier to clean compared to a regular grate, as they won't have many intersections where the food gets trapped. You could also remove the bars and toss them into the dishwasher (while the Mrs. is not looking :) If you are cooking something large like a brisket or a big butt, there is no need to put but a few bars on the grate - which makes it even easier to clear afterwards. 




You could also wrap the bars in couple of layers of heavy duty aluminum foil and remove it after the cook - I tried it myself, works well even when cooking on the open flames, which was surprising as I thought the fire will burn through aluminum easily.  




If you could spare 2 minutes of your time and reply to the short multiple question survey, it'd be highly appreciated! Your honest answer could save us lots of time and money :) The first questions about grill experience, etc. are not required




Many thanks in advance!



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It just doesn't take that much effort to clean the grates on the grill. I did answer the questionnaire, but don't see this as something that I would be interested in. The time that it would take to reassemble all these pieces into a cooking grate might as well be spent cleaning the grill that I already own.  

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