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Kamado Joe heat loss

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Just used by Kamado for the 2nd time and again after reaching the required temperature and loading the meat onto the grill I couldn't get the grill back up to temperature. Seemed to lose the heat very quickly when opened.


Any help would be appreciated 


Thank you 

JB - England 

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Welcome @JB Grills!  When you say you have reached the required temperature and load the meat onto the grill, about how long did it take to get to the desired temperature and did you let it settle in at that temp?  Could be a couple of different issues.  Either you weren’t really settled in yet or could just be the dome temp dropping due to the cold meat being added to the grill and blocking the thermometer from the direct heat. Depending on the proximity of the meat to the thermometer it could be reading low due to being close to the cold meat. If your grill is settled, it really should settle back where it was rather easily. 

In my early days in my Jr, I sunk my dome thermometer into a turkey breast - starting opening up the vents freaking out thinking I killed my fire and then totally scorched it not realizing what happened. 

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Temperature is like real estate, the three most important factors are location, location and location. 


Adding cold food always drops your temperature. If your thermometer probe is next to cold food, it's reading the food. Always steer clear of the dome thermometer probe! It's your best true indicator when it's only reading the air inside.


Then add a dose of patience. Give it time to recover. I do not change settings often now that I know my grill. But I also have a control strategy....


I like remote, multi-probe thermometers. I put one on the grate next to the food, and the other in the exit vent. I control temperatures based on the exit vent reading, and watch the grate reading rise as the food cooks. 


Trust the Joe.


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It a good idea to stabilize your Kamado to heat soak the ceramic. A good tip is to belief touch the dome, the side walls near the gasket and the walls near the firebox to see if their heat soaked.


If you don't have time just overshoot your temp a bit cause all the hot air is escaping.

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When I open my Big Joe lid, it takes 5-10 minutes to come back up to temperature after closing.

If you aren't letting it sit at your target temp a bit before opening, it may take longer, since the ceramics haven't had time to soak up the heat.

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