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LG/Pit Boss 24 Ceramic Grill - Adjustable Rig w/ XL Crossbars Combo


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Does anyone have the adjustable rig combo from the Ceramic Grill Store?  I'm getting ready to buy it, along with a spider and two 16" half ceramic plates.  Expensive, but not in the grand scheme of things.  Let me know if you guys want me to follow up with reviews or if you have any questions.  I probably can't put anything together for at least a couple of weeks though.  Just ordered today (4/28/21).  Still gotta wait for it to ship and get to me.  Also gotta do at least a couple of cooks so that I can give proper feedback.


One luv.

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Tom and his wife Terry are fantastic people and I knew them when they were selling out of their home in Denton, Texas. He is one of these guys who just oozes intelligence and she is so ridiculously sweet, Tom got lucky.  I am lucky enough to have them live only a few miles from me and they have given me advice/suggestions of the years.  They even took me in the back once where they design and build the equipment.  If its not right, they will make it right.  They represent all that is good in BBQ, only quirk is when you check out that credit card reader swiper thingy is always misbehaving.  Terry handles it well.   

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Hey there,


my first post! i just setup my LG24" from costco UK. 


Just some QQ's


- What size is that kick ash bucket? and would you say its needed? 

- Do you find the rig sturdy as i find the stock grate a littley flimsy. 

- Can you provide a link to the rig combo? want to see if i can source in UK.


Thanks alot! 

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1) Kick ash basket was a gift, so I can't speak to the size BUT, you should be able to source on Amazon.com.  Just type in your grill type; i.e., "Pit Boss 24" or LG 24".


2) Rig is sturdy.  Thicker gauge steel than the stock grids.  Stock grids warped on me a little bit with time and now have a bit of a bend to them.  The stock grids are totally serviceable though, and have the advantage of being able to simply lift the front half up to access the lower grid.  I still have mine.  


**One Kamadoguru member cut the top half of his stock grid in half so he could use the upper as more of a cooling rack or just a spot to keep the meat further away from the flames when cooking direct. I think that's a pretty cool mod.


3) Here are the links to the rig (below), but I don't think you can source in the UK.  Or maybe you can!  IDK.  I really hope you can.  I like the fact that they're made here in the good ol' U-S-OF-A, but I can see your frustrations sourcing.  Good luck!



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