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New-ish Big Joe, Spinning Bolts


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So, while I had everything out and was replacing the base in one Joe, I decided I might as well tighten up the other one. Both of these grills are new as of last fall.

I noticed that my other grill has 2-3 bolts on the hinge assembly that just spin in place. The screws aren't grabbing on the other side, inside the bands. Is there a trick to make them grab, or do you think they spun them out during assembly?

After tearing one grill apart and replacing the base, I'm not real eager to do that again. The grill works fine otherwise.

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I had that happen to the bolts on the handle on my classic and the way i got it to tighten was with vice grips, I clamped it on the nut and pulled out as i was tightening it and that worked

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