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New York-Style Sourdough Pizza Cubano,

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New York-Style Sourdough Pizza Cubano, recipe from  Kingarthurbaking website, I scaled down recipe down to 700g to make 2 thin crust pizzas as my  initial test run.  I made a modification to recipe instead of using 2.5% medium rye flour and 2.5% whole wheat flour, I used 5% whole rye flour.    To support local businesses I got the pork shoulder and rub from Charlie’s Place in Sherwood park.   I spilt the shoulder into 3 pieces.  1 piece I coated with avacodo mayonnaise, after rubbing with Salej Spice Sweet Heat seasoning I then chopped some rosemary and put some whole rosemary with chopped rosemary onto shoulder and vacuum sealed all 3 pieces with my chamber vacuum sealer and placed in refrigerator to marinate for a few hours.   The other two pieces which were vacuum sealed were placed in my freezer for use later this year.  I smoked the marinated seasoned shoulder for 1 hour then finished shoulder and ham in my Kuhn Rikon Pressure cooker because I needed to have pizzas ready for Dinner.   Shredded the shoulder and chopped up some of the ham.   Spicy & sweet mustard sauce used as sauce for the two pizzas.  I used my dough docker to prevent middle of pizza from expanding.  The pizzas were baked on my Kamado on pizza stone at 500 F.   The crust was nice and crispy.   This pizza tasted very good.  My wife prefers the softer style crusts.   









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