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Insulating a Kamodo


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after debating for a while between a KJ III and Louisiana grill, I bought the Louisiana grill from Costco given the big price difference. I created an island around it and my grill is enclosed inside (see photo). I did leave a 8" x 20" opening in the front for air intake. I am not sure how hot the outside of the grill gets and if I should insulate the grill with ceramic insulation etc. Directly or the walls of the enclosure


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That looks really nice, only thing I wonder is how do you plan to collect the ash?  I place a pail under the vent and pull the ash out and it drops in, you may have to use a vacuum?


In terms of how hot the outside gets, if you built the enclosure with cement board and left a decent enough air gap 1-2" I don't think you have anything to worry about.  I can place my hand on the outside comfortably enough up to about 400F or so.  I wonder though if you packed the gap with insulation if that would cause an overheat situation and cause potential issues?  Not sure.

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