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URGENT - Will Kamado joe big joe 3 fit through my 28.25 inch door?

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Hi all


my new KJBJ3 is on the way... but i hadn't though the size through. my garage back door to garden is very small,  so might have to bring through house. 


Whats is the diameter at the narrowest part? cant seem to find that exact measurement anywhere!


 i found this atached pic which says 30.2inches wide but that is including the back hinge right...?? so im hoping mayb 28 "is ok?


its about 28.25 inch  or 72CM.


What do you think?




KJ diag.jpg

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If it fits it will be extremely close considering the side tables.  If this is just to get it back there after delivery then going through the house is no issue but if your plan was to store it in the garage and roll it out for use it might be an issue.  Perfectly safe to leave it outside.

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