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Seasoning a grill (not cast iron)


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I've never considered seasoning the interior surfaces of a metal grill. But Char-Griller recommends wiping down the inside of the lid and body and even the porcelain coated grates with oil and then running at 250 or so for a couple of hours and the repeating. Is this really worthwhile?

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Lol, well maybe so because the materials that come with the grill (Char-Griller 980) make no mention of seasoning or even burn-in to burn off manufacturing oils etc. (as noted by Tom Horsman to his surprise in one of his videos). Maybe we don't need instructions because we already know all about grills, and of course, you always season everything not just cast iron :)

But I've been googling the heck out of this grill since I got it, and came across some generic seasoning instructions from Char-Griller. Weber on the other hand specifically states in one of their FAQs no need to season porcelain coated cast iron. And burn in is just something I would normally do, even though its not mentioned in the grill materials.

So just wondering if anyone else would normally oil coat the interior surfaces (and exterior too) of a grill to 'season' it. Maybe it doesn't apply to stainless steel, but honestly never crossed my mind to season anything but cast iron, or a carbon steel pan.

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