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On sale at Aldi. I have cooked a few. I have tried several different methods, but they are always tough. I had to put one in the crock pot and re cook to make it edible. Recently Ron (the Fogo guy) cooked one like a brisket. That seemed like a good method. But if you want it rare to medium, basically a grilled chunk of meat, what's your method? 

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2 hours ago, Golf Griller said:

Make sure that you are cutting across the grain.

Yeah, I know about that. I have even paid more per pound and didn’t see a lot of difference. Good luck with the porter road. I’ve seen their adds but never tried them.

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I like to cut a pocket in a Tri-Tip and stuff it with roasted Pablano or Green chilis and Jack cheese.

A little Montreal Steak seasoning and grill to medium rare. Cut across the grain, as mentioned above.

Good eating.


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Just did one this week. Rubbed it in a coffee/chili rub, got the fire to 300, cooked indirect until it was 125 and then reverse seared it to finish (about 140)- rested and as mentioned above, carved against the grain (which changes at the “notch”). Came out tender and juicy...can always I did it right when my wife says it was a good idea to buy the Kamado. Now I need to find white oak chunks (I used pecan) to get it totally Santa Maria


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On 5/12/2021 at 6:41 PM, Golf Griller said:

I've cooked about 3 or 4, and just got 2 more from Porter Road. I cook them rare to medium rare. Make sure that you are cutting across the grain. If you cut with the grain that would make it tough. The grain changes direction around the middle of the tri-tip.


Couldn't agree more GG. People that should know better spend all the effort in smoking briskets and then cut them with the grain and just like a tri-tip, the grain changes where the point meets the flat. Unnecessarily makes for a super tough chew.

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