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Tempature Controllers?

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I've been looking into a temp controller -mostly for those long/overnight cooks. My question is to go something like a Smobot that sits on the top vent or go the way of a blower that fits in the bottom vent like the Fireboard2? I've seen a post where the person believed the blower burns through charcoal much faster but have also seen where some dont like adjusting the top vent for temp control. Previously I would set the bottom vent to a general range then use the top vent to "fine tune" to temp

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9 hours ago, MikeRobinson said:

I've never actually felt the need to buy a "controller."  Once I've got the top and bottom vents set the way I want them, my experience is that the temperature really doesn't change much.

That is a great point....once set it doesn’t change.


I have a FireBoard 2 drive which I mainly use to monitor the pit temperatures.  Occasionally I do use the fan to maintain the temperature just in case.

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Seems like the consensus is to go the way of a blower.

more for the ease and sanity of getting a whole nights sleep and not wake up to a dying fire. which has sadly happened at 3am :(

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The FireBoard 2 Drive is pretty fantastic and really sets my mind at ease when cooking.

I know these grills are very stable at temperature, but even tiny fluctuations drive me crazy and I have a hard time not obsessing about it if it's even a couple degrees off. It's not a problem with the grills, it's a problem with my personality. :)

I have cooked 24+ hours with the FireBoard and the temp was rock solid the entire time. I also love being able to see the data from anywhere, and export it to a spreadsheet & replicate the charts.

Now I have a collection of historical data of each cook, and that helps me better estimate how long a particular cook will take.

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