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Hello everyone I'm new here, I found a free kamado someone was giving away. The kamado had a crack along the top and the previous owner tried to cement some of it with refractory cement. He's given me the rest of the container. Just wondering if it's safe and the proper way to fix it.

This is the stuff


How it sitting right now 


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I actually opened this thread looking for someone who might have repaired a cracked kamado. I have the same problem and have tried jutland refractory cement. I first tried it with attaching two chipped pecos together. It worked but when it dried I left it outside. It rained and the two pieces came completely apart. I guess refractory cement is made to be used on firebrick not exposed to the elements because it is water soluble. My understanding is that you need to use refractory MORTAR. Hope someone else on here might have experience. Anyway, l have a 5 lb. bucket of the refractory cement if anyone is repairing indoors firebrick.

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I believe you need to heat cure refractory cement, at least a Rutland product that I used in my fireplace required heat curing. The instructions said to apply, let dry for a day, pre-cure at 200F for some amount of time, and then cure at 500F for some other amount of time. Cured rock solid for me. 

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