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Using egg carton dipped in melted crisco a good charcoal starter

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Hello everyone, I just received my Kamado over the weekend and first cook was a success, specially with the wife that was not a fan of the price tag  :-D. With the grill I purchased a bag of Big block charcoal but I did not get any starters. I have been using egg carton dipped in crisco with my Webber for a while now and always works like a charm. Just wondering if anyone else has used this method and if this is something that would be recommended.


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9 minutes ago, Chris Topher said:

That's a good way to repurpose egg cartons rather than send them to the landfill! I generally use alcohol-soaked (denatured alcohol fuel... nothing from my liquor cabinet!) cotton balls. 

We definitely go through a lot of eggs in a household 7!  My only concern is with gradual residue if any. The amount of crisco is very minimal and I’m only adding 2 at a time

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My egg cartons are all plastic based. And I am settled on cotton balls soaked in 91% alcohol- that's my sweet spot. A chimney starter is a non starter for me. I gave both of mine away when I bought my first Big Joe. Great for hot and fast. A bad idea for low and slow, imo. And 60% of my cooks are low and slow. Useed to be a much higher percentage pre-Cov-ID shutdowns.

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