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Konro Addi(c)tion


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Shortly after I bought the size "large" Konro, an "extra large" became available. When the extra large came out, I remember thinking it was too big for the type of skewers I loved cooking (which remains true). However, we used the konro more and more, and found there were many additional things we would like to cook on it, which would benefit from a larger smallest dimension. 


After a long time of thinking about it, I needed some more charcoal anyway, and when I went to the retailer page, the extra large konro was still in stock. In some combination of curiosity, boredom, and fantasies about constant entertaining after this longest year, I ordered one. I plan to take my time and build a table around the extra large, with a spacer for the large size, which I still think is the superior grill for "traditional" skewers. I imagine the extra large will be used most of the time with the grate on signifying a different kind of cooking. 


For anyone shopping, the dimensions that mattered to me are direct grill surface area, which is 5.75" x 27.25" for the large, and 8.25" x 31" for the extra large. I would still recommend the (not wide) large or medium for cooking skewers. 





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@ckreef is the go-to guy here on these things also....  I think they are cool.  I really do.  I just can't quite understand how they are better than a small hibachi style charcoal grill (like the PKGO) for this type of task.  Maybe ckreef can help me on that one a bit....

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@ckreef was the one responsible for my initial purchase. I think of it like a kamado vs a Weber kettle. The bricks get hot over time and radiate a lot of heat. When we are done I usually put the charcoal in a closed kamado and the konro can remain hot for hours.


I have a PKGO, I suppose it would be easy enough to do a side by side cook on each and watch temp and time. These days I am looking for any excuse to cook outside.

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Been really busy so I haven't been around much lately and even less time to grill out. 


Both the Konro and PKGO can cook identical skewers. There are a few things that I think make the Konro more suitable. 


On my Konro I don't use the wire screens so my skewers are suspended in the air. I prefer it this way. I suppose one could setup something similar in the PKGO but most people probably just put their skewers on the Grates. 


The long thin design also makes it easier for 4-6 people to sit around the grill and cook their own skewers. 


My current home and work life has changed significantly. Because of that my Konro has been packed back into it's original box and stored in a closet so nothing happens to it until a future time. 


Meanwhile my PKGO is stored in the 5th wheel and gets used a few times per month when we go camping. 


Two completely different grills that can cook the same thing but really have different uses (if that made any sense).  Besides one more grill never hurt anybody unless of course your wife hurt you for buying yet another grill (a distinct possibility at my house - LOL) 


@gotzero congratulations on the new Konro. A great looking grill.


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Took it camping recently. 7 people including the campground owners cooking their own food. Had a great time with it. 


It now has a permanent home in the under bed storage area in the 5th wheel. 




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