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Lid damper movement

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Hi all, I finally got my E6 last week and couldn't be happier. I have noticed while using it the when I open and close the lid the handle for the lid damper moves with gravity.


I'm wondering if anyone else's does this or if the rivet on my unit it's just loose?


Thanks for the feed back

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As you use your Summit the flue damper will accumulate residue from smoke passing through. This will get sticky enough after a few cooks to maintain your settings, it is the nature of the device. By design, upon being set, the rivet isn’t cinched down tightly to accommodate adjustability between cleanings. If the rivet were initially set tight, adjustment would become problematic almost immediately. I’d like to see the mechanism redesigned to use a wing nut and spring+washer to accommodate ease of use and ease of disassembly for cleaning when movement becomes too hindered.

A redesign similar to the method used to tension the adjusters on the OK JOE Bronco’s draft and flue would be easy to implement on the Summit’s flue at the factory(or in your garage, but that would be a warrantee voiding mod I suspect).

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Same issue with my new one (just assembled it).  Called Weber and sent them a video.  They are sending me a new damper.  But agree with MetroGnome, it will accumulate particulates, etc and will tighten up.  Should have some resistance though.

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