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The Dreaded Kamado.com Kamado Grill User Here...


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I've recently inherited what I believe is an original Kamado.com grill from a close family friend after her husband passed.  He had this grill since at least in 2007 and its still in good shape.  My problem is that I believe this was a custom hand built setup and it came with a ship ton of accessories that I don't know how to use.  I've tried googling, but they only bring me to Kamado Joe, Komodo Kamado, or The Green Egg websites and my setup doesn't look like that.  If I were to post pictures of what I have, could I get some help?  I'm not a rookie when it comes to smoking on an off-set smoker or cooking on a propane grill, but the potential of what this grill can do has me intrigued.  Is there anyone else that has one of the "kamado.com" grills that can help me?  The original owner of this grill is currently unavailable for questions.


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