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Coconut Charcoal, any thoughts?

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I've used Napoleon's coconut charcoal, and it went pretty well.  It definitely has a unique smell, very sweet, and doesn't really impart any flavor to what you cook (which can be ideal, especially when baking).  I was able to get up to very high temps with it as well.  I also like the idea of how renewable it is.


On the other hand, there are some drawbacks.  It is quite a bit more expensive than regular lump charcoal (by the lb), is very slow to light and get up to temp, and results in a lot of ash.  The ash is very fine though and easy to clean out.




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I've tried two types of coconut charcoal--afire koko, and Komodo Kamado.  I bought a lot of the afire on-line when it was on sale , and a few boxes of the KK brand were gifted to me by a former member who had purchased a KK, and bought a pallet of their charcoal to go along with.


Lighting of both was made much easier when I used a propane torch.  Both burned clean, with virtually no flavors imparted.  Both produced a great deal of powdery ash which was easy to clean up with a shop vac.

Hitting and holding targeted temperatures was about the same as with any quality lump.  I didn't notice any significant gain in burn time.


When my supply ran out, I reverted to hardwood lump, which was much cheaper and much easier to find.  For me, the coco charcoal was an experiment.  I probably will not buy coco charcoal again as I am satisfied with the performance and results I get from quality hardwood lump.

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