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Butt for the weekend


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8lb butt for $.88 a pound at Winn Dixie so picked one up. Played 18 holes this morning then fired up Big Joe at 10:00 am. Trimmed and rubbed then on the grill at 10:45 at 265. 

3 hours later in a pan and wrapped with foil for 2-3 more hours. 





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Wrapped and resting in the cooler in a towel at 4:45. 6 hours 208 and probing nicely. I’ll open it up in an hour or hour and a half. save the pig juice for mixing. 



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4 hours ago, len440 said:

Pulled pork and baked beans simple butt nice. Good job

Easy laid back cook and meal. Plenty of time to relax with a few cold ones!

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nicely done. And thanks for the tip on using the 'pig juice'. 


22 hours ago, Panchango said:

Looks Great.


It's been a while since I've done a butt.


Neither had I until I saw the price of brisket had jumped since a week or two ago. So, I picked up 4 butts from kroger @ 99¢ because for once, they had them cheaper than Restaurant Depot (their price was unusually high). Then of course, on Sunday I found an angus brisket in RD's 'clearance' aisle and the store manager took another 50% off of that. :-D

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